Explore, Experience, Enjoy!

  • Take a tour of Maugaoali’i Government House the official residence of the Governor and First Lady
  • Visit the National Park of American Samoa on Tutuila and the Manu’a Islands
  • Take a drive from Pago Pago Harbor over to the village of Vatia and enjoy the breathtaking view of the harbor below
  • Drive towards the west and visit the National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa at Fagatele Bay
  • Lunch at Utulei Beach and enjoy the spectacular view of Pago Pago Harbor and Rainmaker Mountain opposite
  • Experience some traditional Samoan food like palusami and taro found in some local eateries and at the new marketplace in Fagatogo
  • With a map in hand hop on a local bus and head east or west and take in the picturesque villages and explore
  • Visit a local church on a Sunday morning and enjoy the rousing sermons and melodic singing
  • Let’s go shopping for American and International goods at prices cheaper than anywhere else in the world and no sales tax to boot
  • American Samoa has an extensive US Naval History, so pick up a US Naval History and World War II Guide and explore and learn
  • Take a trip to the Manu’a Islands, half an hour flight east of Tutuila Island
  • Visit Ofu Beach in the Manu’a Islands voted one of the most beautiful undiscovered beaches in the world
  • Catch a local alia boat for the short trip to Aunu’u Island and hike to the quick sand lake
  • Take a ride in a traditional 'Fautasi' or long boat with 40+ paddlers (see photo below)
  • The view of Pago Pago Harbor from the water is one of the most spectacular in the Pacific, and nothing could be more so when you are viewing it from an outrigger canoe
  • Traditional Samoan garments, for women the puletasi (two piece long fitted blouse and skirt) and for men, Samoan Island shirt are great gifts to take home
  • Take a drive up to the mountain village of Aoloau and take in the grand views of the Tafuna Plain below and the northern Pacific Ocean
  • Take a visit to the Jean P. Hayden Museum in Fagatogo and view the exhibit of American Samoa’s link to the Apollo Moon Missions complete with moon rocks
  • There is nothing like the hustle and bustle of local market and the new Fagatogo Marketplace is a local favorite shopping spot
  • The thrill of catching some big game fish like tuna, marlin and sailfish is only a half hour boat trip from shore

Take a tour

There's nothing like taking a tour of a new destination to get a feel of what the place has to offer and get a glimpse and taste with the experts. So if you like high adventure, shopping or something more relaxing one of our many tour operators on island can help you out.

For those wanting to see nature at its best then North Shore Tours, South Pacific Watersports, Fitness ASAP and Samriel Aunu'u Island Getaway is who you need. The have a range of tours available from hiking the trails of National Park and Aunu'u Island, giving you a guide tour of all the rainforest flora and fauna, kayaking or taking a outrigger ride on Pago Pago Harbor and guiding you to some of the historic World War II sites around the island of Tutuila.

If its the adventure of the high seas you want with some game fishing for marlin, wahoo or masimasi or diving then Pago Pago Marine Charters are the boys you need to see. They have three boats available for hire with fully experienced captains to take you to some of the best untouched fishing and dive spots around Tutuila and the Manu'a Islands.

For those that prefer a guided tour is a local bus or private van Pago Pago Tradewinds Tours and Alofas Tours can arrange those for you. Everything from shopping tours, to visiting mountain villages and historic sites are just some of the itineraries they offer, as well as tailor made options as well.