learn some samoan words & phrases

Learning a of the Samoan language is a fun way to connect with locals and also at the same time immersing yourself in a little culture during your visit. Below are some basic words and phrases with a pronunciation guide to help you along.

English Samoan Pronunciation
Hello Talofa Tar-low-far
Goodbye Tofa Tore-far
Thank you Fa'afetai Far-ah-fay-tie
Please Fa'amolemole Far-ah-more-le-more-le
Yes Ioe Ee-oh-e
No Leai Le-ah-e
Maybe Masalo Mar-sar-low
Tomorrow Taeao Tar-e-ow
Goodnight Manuia le po Mar-nu-e-ah-le-poh
How are you? O a mai oe? O-ar-my-o-he
I am hungry Fia ai Fear-ah-ee

You can also use Google Translate for more words and phrases.