There is wide range of accommodation facilities spread around Tutuila and Manu'a Islands catering to all budgets.

Main areas of accommodation are near the Pago Pago International Airport - Tafuna, Fogagogo, Petesa and Ili'ili Villages. Here you have the largest hotel on island, Tradewinds Hotel and Pago Airport Inn

By the ocean is Moana O Sina and Maliu Mai Resort and down the road is Ta'alolo Lodge & Golf Resort and Osema's Lodge.

In the town area you'll find the next concentration of facilities in the villages of Utulei, Fagotogo and Pago.

First up here is Sadie's by the Sea Hotel and down the road is a sister property Sadie Thompson Inn.

Nearby is the Scanlan Motel and at the end of the Pago Pago Harbor land side is Evalani's Motu O Fiafiaga Motel.

Heading towards the east side  of Tutuila in Alega and Amouli Villages, you have the famous Tisa's Barefoot Bar, Two Dollar Beach and Amouli Beach Fales, located on bays and white sand beaches.

For those looking for homestays and Airbnb, there is a number of places to choose from.

On the northern coast of Tutuila in Fagasa Village you have Evelyn & Lili'o Satele's Homestay and Nickey & Lotomau Peau Homestay.

For Airbnb travelers from the around airport heading out west in the villages of Tafuna you have Island Home Rental and Taimane's Homestay.

In the village of Nuu'uli there is the Cozy Studio Wrap Around Porch, while in Futiga you have the Paepaefoa Ranch.

Out in Taputimu Village overlooking the Pacific Ocean is Bunglow by the Sea, while at the the western most village of Poloa there is Kings Place.

And finally in Pago Pago Village you can stay at the Charming Tropical Cottage.


For those heading to the Manu'a Islands you'll find accommodation on all the three islands - Ta'u, Ofu and Olosega.

On Ta'u, you have Mauga's Home Stay and Tom & Suimai Home Stay.

On Ofu, there are two options to choose from Vaoto Lodge and Asaga Inn.

And finally on Olosega you have the Horizon Inn.


There's no better way of seeing our island then to explore on your own.

Catching a local bus

What better way to experience the sights then to catch a local bus from the side the road. Armed with a tourist map in hand here in American Samoa we have our own version of local or 'aiga' (family) buses as we call them. Bus Stops are found throughout the main island of Tutuila, but you can stop and catch a bus from anywhere on the side of the road simply by waving it down, All buses have village names on them and travel (unscheduled services) from their respective villages to the bus depot at Fagatogo (next to the Marketplace) in town and then return. The buses operate throughout the day with services ending around 5:00pm Monday to Friday. On Saturday services are heavily reduced and on Sundays only a handful of buses operate. For no more than $2.50 one way you can travel from the town area to either to eastern and western end of the island. You can uplift a full list of fares and village destinations from the American Samoa Visitors Bureau.

Getting a rental car

There's a large number of car rentals around Tutuila Island to choose from offering a variety of vehicles giving you the freedom to explore at your own pace.

Tafuna - Avis, Samoa Car Rentals, Matrix IncSir Amos Car Rental, SouthPac Car Rentals, Steven & Sons Car Rental, Tropical Car Rental and Turtle & Shark Car Rental.

Faga'alu - Latone's Car Rental.

Ili'ili - Lupelele Rentals.

Nuu'uli - O&O Car Rental and Tautai Rentals.

Ottoville - Tradewinds Rentals and Worldwide Car Rental.

Pago Pago - TOA Samoa.

Utulei - Sadie's Rental Cars.