The National Park of American Samoa is one of the most remote national parks in the United States. Also one of the newest, it was authorized by the US Congress in 1988 and officially established in 1993 when a 50 year lease was signed with villages and the American Samoa Government.
The 10,500 acre park is spread over three sectors on three islands – Tutuila, Ta’ū and Ofu. Almost all the land area of these volcanic islands – from the mountain tops to the coast – is rainforest. About 2,500 acres of the park is underwater, offshore from all three islands.

Visitor Center

The National Park Visitor Center is located in Pago Pago across from the yellow Pago Way gas station, phone (1 684) 633-7082 or visit their website

Home Stay Program
Rangers at the Visitors Center will take you on guide walks and hikes through the National Park and have a Home Stay Program with a number of families in the villages the surround the Park which they can also arrange for you.