An old Celtic holiday filled with fright and superstition for all of those who believe in the age-old folklore! This pagan holiday celebrates when the supernatural veil that separates the world of the living from that of the dead, drops for a single day allowing the dead to walk amongst the living. This inspired the traditions to dress in frightening costumes of vampires, witches and ghouls for this single day. There are also a number of haunted houses and Halloween themed parties held to commemorate this festive pagan holiday. Halloween is one of the most popular holidays around the world and American Samoa is no different. Children dress up in their favorite costumes for treats, singing "trick of treat, give me something to eat," as they go door to door filling their bins with candy. Adults dress up for work as well as to trick or treat with their children. People of all ages are welcome to dress in their favorite costume and participate in the various activities held in the spirit of Halloween.