Attending Church

Sunday is a day of worship throughout American Samoa and government and business and closed during this day.

All Samoan’s are Christians and in every village, resident will be seen dressing in their Sunday best and heading off to church.

Visitors are most welcome to worship in any faith of their choosing and the main religions represented on island are – Congregational Christian Church of American Samoa; Roman Catholic Church; Methodist Church of American Samoa; Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; Assembly of God; Seventh Day Adventist; Bahai Faith; Penticostal Church of American Samoa; Congregational Christian Church of Jesus Christ; Baptist Church; Jehovah’s Witness; Manumalo Baptist Church; First Samoa Full Gospel; Calvary Christian Chapel; Church of Christ; Church of God of Prophecy; Church of the Nazarene; Emmanuel Baptist Church’ First Samoan Christian Church’ Happy Valley Baptist; Korean Baptist; Saint John Episcopal Church and the Free Church of Tonga.