National Park Day Hikes

National Park Day Hikes

Pola Island Trail

This short, fairly flat trail leads to a rough and rocky beach with views of the coastline and Pola Island.

  • 0.1 mi/ 0.2 km Roundtrip

Due to unfriendly dogs, please drive past the last house at the end of the paved road in Vatia Village. This rough section of road will lead you to three exhibits and the trail head.


Lower Sauma Ridge Trail

This interpretive trail takes you to an archaeological site of an ancient star mound. Along the trail are exhibits and spectacular views of the northeast coastline of the island and the Vai’ava Strait National Natural Landmark. Visible looking north is the tall and skinny Pola Island, a nesting area for seabirds.

  • Distance: 4 mi/ 0.6 km Roundtrip


Fagatele Bay Trail

This trail is located outside of the national park, on private land, and provides access to the Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa.

Turtles, whales, sharks, and giant clams all find refuge in this protected area.

  • Distance: 1 mi/ 1.6 km Roundtrip

Travel west on Route 001 to Futiga Village and turn left just before the US Mart. Follow the road past the landfill until you reach a locked gate. Ask for permission from the family at the end of the road to hike past the gate. The family might charge a fee. Follow the trail to a small beach. For more information call 684-633-5155.


Le’ala Shoreline Trail

This trail is located outside of the national park, on private land, and provides access to Le’ala Shoreline National Natural Landmark.

Beginning in the village of Valoatai, this trail follows the coastline through thick vegetation with periodic views of the Le’ala Shoreline. The steep trail travels in and out of ancient volcanic craters and comes to an end at the junction with the Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary Trail of American Samoa.

  • Distance: 2.2 mi/ 3.5 km Roundtrip


Tuafanua Trail

Hike up switchbacks from Vatia Village through lush tropical rainforest to a hidden coastline. At the ridge-top, enjoy ocean views before a steep descent on several ladders with ropes to a quiet, rocky beach and view of Pola Island. The trailhead can be found just before the Vatia School (Mount ‘Alava Elementary).

  • Distance: 2.2 mi/ 3.5 km Roundtrip


WARNING: Do not enter the ocean at the beach due to dangerous waves and currents.


These trails are located outside of the national park.

Located at the top of these points are gun batteries that protected Pago Pago Harbor after the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941. They symbolize American Samoa’s importance as a route from the United States to Australia and New Zealand.


Blunts Point Trail

Located between Faga’alu and Utulei on the coast road. Look for the sign next to the IBM Laundromat marking the path to this site. Park at the public parking lot on the harbor side, 100 yards from the trailhead. When the trail reaches the water tank, continue past it on the left.

  • Distance: 0.6 mi/ 1 km Roundtrip


Breakers Point Trail

From Pago Pago, drive toward Aua on Route 001. Continue 1.1 miles/ 1.8 km past the intersection with Route 006 in Aua to a sign on the left marking the trailhead next to a house. Park at the private house without blocking driveway access. Ask for permission from the house owner to hike the trail. This site is closed to the public on Sunday.


World War II Heritage Trail

Hike past multiple World War II installation that helped protect American Samoa from a Japanese invasion. Also, enjoy the tropical rainforest and listen to native bird songs. Along the last section of the trail, experience many steep “ladders” or steps with ropes that end where a tramway used to transport visitors to the summit of Mount ‘Alava

  • Distance: 1.7 mi/ 2.7 km Roundtrip

See Blunts Point Trail for directions to the trailhead. After reaching the end of the trail, at the former tramway, continue down the road where it intersects with another road. Turn right until you reach Route 001. Turn right onto Route 001 to return to the parking lot.

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