Manu’a Islands

Manu’a Islands

They consist of three islands Ta’u, Ofu and Olosega. The islands are located some 60 miles east of Tutuila and are volcanic remnants rising out of the sea 14° south of the equator.


Ofu & Olosega



Enjoy amazing snorkeling on this deserted South Pacific beach. The lagoons provide one of the best natural laboratories in the world for climate change research. Corals in Ofu lagoon are specially adapted to survive brief hot water events that would normally lead to coral bleaching. Be sure to bring your own gear and watch for strong currents.


Tumu Mountain Trail – Enjoy tropical rainforest and views from Ofu’s highest point at 1,621 ft. This challenging trail follows an old road and begins near Ofu harbor. It is 5.5 miles round trip.

Piumafua Mountain Trail – To reach the top of Olosega Island (2,095 ft.) contact the Ranger Station in Ofu. It is 5.5 miles round trip.

Vaoto Territorial Marine Park – This protected coral reef is located in front of the Vaoto Lodge, between the airport runway and the national park.

To’aga Site – This rich archeological site sheds light on early Samoan culture in Manu’a. The most apparent and striking surface features in this area are a tomb and well that are traditionally associated with the Tui Ofu chief title. Visit the Ofu Ranger Station for information on visiting the site. This is a very important cultural site, please be respectful.






Si’u Point Trail – This trail follows an old road in the coastal forest past the culturally important Saua site to the southeast tip of Ta’u, known as Si’u Point, 2.8 miles distant. The trailhead is actually a continuation of the main road in Fiti’uta. As you pass the last houses, the road becomes dirt. At Si’u Point the road ends and becomes a trail to Laufuti Falls. Contact the National Park Visitor Center in Tutuila for information about trail conditions.

Luatele Crater Trail – This trail is minimally maintained. Contact the National Park Visitor Center in Tutuila for trail conditions. When accessible, it provides access over steep, rough terrain to a forested crater that provides shelter to many fruit bat colonies. The trail begins in Fiti’uta village and is approximately 2 miles round trip.

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